Interim inspections are increasingly important for landlords

The recent news that England is moving away from being a nation of homeowners and moving towards long term renting is good news for landlords who are keen to expand their portfolios. With the majority of the younger generations stating … Continue reading

Are the tenancy deposit bodies biased towards tenants?

In 2007 the government appointed the tenancy deposit bodies and introduced the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. The scheme aims to protect tenants from the unethical landlords and letting agents who were, according to the government, unfairly withholding the return of deposit … Continue reading

Guide to tenancy deposits, disputes and damages

For the first time, the three approved bodies that run the Tenancy Deposit Scheme have collaborated to produce a guide designed to ensure the tenancy dispute process is transparent for all parties. It introduces the concept of Alternative Dispute Resolution … Continue reading

my|deposits recommend video inventories

The tenancy deposit protection scheme operator my|deposits has recognised the value of good quality dated video evidence. It goes on to recommend landlords use video inventories to help protect their rental property investment. Their latest Guide for Landlords explains “video inventories are … Continue reading

A million more private rental properties as home ownership declines

Almost one in six homes is now a private rental property, as both social housing and home ownership declines.  The English Housing Survey from Communities and local Government shows that the number of households renting privately has increased by one … Continue reading

Ten common reasons why inventories fail at adjudication

Many inventories fail to convince the adjudicators of the Tenancy Deposit protection Scheme because they fall far short of the evidential standards required. The fact that over 90% of cases are found in favour of the tenant indicates that if … Continue reading

From the horse’s mouth…

Extract from Cheshire East Council’s Private Landlords Newsletter: Diane Cummings PSLO Macclesfield recently asked Mr Glenn Warrington, a landlord and member of the Residential Landlords Association, who has properties in both Cheshire and High Peaks about his experience of pursuing … Continue reading

Protecting tenants rights!

There are plenty of forums out there with information on tenants rights. The prominent landlord law blog has been operating for over 10 years providing legal advice, information and documents. It is the brainchild of Tessa Shepperson who is a specialist residential landlord … Continue reading