Value for money rental property inventories and assessments

keyboard servicesWe are committed to providing our clients with the best possible products and services within the lettings industry. Our services are designed to protect the interests of the landlord, tenant, letting agent and property manager.

We provide a truly impartial and independent view of the condition of rental properties. Our experienced clerk will note the detail of your property, including fixtures and fittings, damage or cleanliness and provide you with a detailed report. We provide both written reports and high definition video evidence to prove the condition of a rental property and its contents, before, during and at the end of a tenancy.

Our primary services include:

Our optional services will also help to prove that you are compliant with current UK legislation for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and Legionella risk assessments. We aim to help you expedite a seamless tenancy so you can avoid any costly and time consuming disputes.

We have had many special requests in the past where the use of video provides a huge benefit e.g. vacant property inspections, snagging on new build or refurbished property, insurance claims, etc. If you need a bespoke solution then feel free to give us a call, we are always happy to look at tailoring a product for you personally.

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