Interim inspection service

Continuous review and monitoring for rental propertiesinterim inspection magnified house

A mid-term or interim inspection is carried out at defined intervals during the duration of the tenancy. As a general rule of thumb, we would recommend around three or six months depending on the overall length of the agreement. We will attend the property and review its condition and prepare a variation report on how the tenancy is progressing.

Undertaking these inspections ensures that both the landlord, agent and tenant are taking care of their contractual responsibilities, and hopefully help to avoid any surprises at the end of the tenancy. The landlord or agent can be made aware of how the tenant is caring for the property and likewise any repairs or maintenance that the property requires can be highlighted. Examples include minor repairs to fixtures and fittings or damp and mould that may need treating.

During the interim inspection the general condition of the property and its contents will be assessed and then compared to the original move in condition, again recommendations and notes are taken in this regard.

See what is really happening with your property:

  • early warning of damage to fixtures and fittings
  • gardens filled with rubbish
  • pets being kept in properties with a ‘no pets’ clause
  • tenants who cause disturbances or problems with their neighbours
  • properties that have been sub-let
  • additional people living at the property without notification
  • smoking in a non-smoking property

Any major issues will be raised and if necessary supporting high definition video evidence will be taken and provided as evidence of the condition of the property. Waiting to the end of a tenancy agreement before finding out about these sort of problems means you risk losing rental income as you arrange for repairs or remedial work to be carried out.

A landlord who cares for their property and attend to issues promptly will generally enjoy more positive relationship with their tenants who in turn are more likely to take better care of the property.

Legionella monitoring

Where we have previously completed a Legionella risk assessment on a property we will inspect the water system to ensure that no material changes have been made. A visual assessment of the cleanliness of shower heads will be made plus we will check the water temperature regime to ensure compliance with ongoing monitoring. The onsite logbook will be updated accordingly and any significant issues will be raised directly with the landlord or property manager.

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