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We pride ourselves on providing consistently outstanding levels ofrecruitment queue service to our clients, and that underpins our recruitment strategy. If you are reliable and dependable with a positive attitude, we could have a position for you. We always welcome applicants who have experience in our industry, but that is not a prerequisite. If you are self-motivated, eager to learn and excited at the prospect of a new opportunity why not get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Inventory Clerk (Self employed)

recruitment inventory clerkOur front line ambassadors!

Working in a dynamic environment within your local area, dealing with clients and conducting video inventories. Choose flexible hours to suit your lifestyle, it really is up to you how many inventories you wish to do. The daily administrative burden and production of the inventories is taken care of by our central team giving you the time to develop your own client base. It is easy to setup and get started in the role which has very few ongoing overheads.

You will need to be reliable, punctual, well organised and be comfortable presenting your services to prospective clients. Provided you are mobile (to attend your appointments) and can follow a simple procedure and have an eye for detail this could be an opportunity for you.

To operate successfully you will require:

  • a mobile phone
  • some basic IT skills
  • an admin space (pc, desk, chair, etc.)
  • a decent broadband connection (fast with unlimited data)
  • business software packages (e.g. MS Office suite)

For a minimal investment you could be up and running within weeks. We will provide you with full operational training and all the software required to conduct inventories using our tried and tested methods. In addition you will receive guidance on what specific equipment you will need to conduct a video inventory.

This is also an ideal opportunity for a landlord with a portfolio of properties or letting agent that wants to upgrade their inventory process to provide supporting video evidence. Feel free to contact us, using the form below, if you would like to discuss this opportunity further.

Got an appetite for running a larger business? We also have an opening for the more entrepreneurial among us, check out our franchise opportunity for more details.

Audio Typist (Home based)

Working flexible hours from home is a fantastic thought isn’t it.recruitment audio typist Earning a bit of extra money in your own time without having to leave the house. No petrol costs, no train or bus fares, no traffic queues or having to come home alone late at night.

Can you type? most probably. A typing job could be the answer to your conundrum of wanting to work from home but not knowing what type of work to do. Many people are now earning extra cash by simply typing from home for a few hours a week and the beauty of it is you get to choose your working hours.

We require transcription typists who are comfortable with data entry. You will be provided with software to enable you to access our central system and then given a piece of video to watch and listen to. You need to type up what is being said into a structured document.

You will need to be competent in a few areas, specifically you need a good command of the English language and decent spelling, grammar is not so important as the work is of a more technical nature and not flowing English. We pay by the audio hour so a typing rate of 60 WPM is required to make it worthwhile.

It is essential that you have:

  • accurate typing and data entry skills
  • skilled verbal and written communication
  • the ability to rigidly follow data entry processes
  • a proactive and thorough approach

Whilst we do not stipulate how much work you must do, you should aim to make yourself available for a few hours each week. We work to tight deadlines so it is important that you only make yourself available if you are able to complete the “job”.

As for equipment, you will need access to a laptop or PC. You will also need some comfortable earphones and preferably a quiet room so you can concentrate on what is being said. A fast internet connection is necessary so you we can share email attachments and you can also watch the videos that are sent to you.

Audio typing experience is preferred but not essential as full training will be provided. Feel free to contact us, using the form below, if you would like to discuss this opportunity further.

Recruitment Enquiry
Feel free to tell us a little about yourself and why you are interested in this role.

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