Accompanied tenant services

Providing a personal touch

At the start or end of a tenancy we will attend the property and meet the tenant at an appointed time to undertake an inspection and tour of the property with the tenant present.

Using our check-in service, we will:tenant services check in

  • review the contents of the written inventory
  • explain that we have conducted an inch-by-inch video of the property
  • obtain up-to-date meter readings (if necessary)
  • provide any specific documents required by the agent or landlord
  • and over tenant keys and introduce them to their new home

The tenant will have the opportunity to provide their own comments at this stage to the inventory documentation. Any agreed changes to the inventory will be made and a finalised version of the inventory will then be provided to the tenant for signature. Where the tenant has not had chance to review the inventory, signed evidence of it’s handover will be obtained, ensuring they are aware of their obligations. This process ensures the tenant has confirmed they are in agreement with the contents of the report and in our experience ensures that there is a strong legal binding as to the state and condition of the property.

Using our check-out service, we will:tenant services check out

  • explain that we will be conducting an inch-by-inch video check-out of the property
  • obtain final meter readings and provide them to the outgoing tenant
  • obtain a forwarding address or contact details for the outgoing tenant
  • recover all keys from the outgoing tenant, for your added piece of mind

The tenant will have an opportunity to provide comments at this stage which will be taken into consideration as part of the check-out process. Whilst we are happy to receive these comments, we provide a truly impartial view of the condition of the property and its contents. This is why an independent service is important so that any variations can be contested through the correct channels should there be a difference of opinion.

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