Bank of mum and dad

bank of mum and dadAs a business, we are always keen to promote the benefits of a high quality video inventory to landlords. But we were delighted to hear last week about the benefits it has to tenants too – or rather their parents!

Whilst at a business networking meeting last week, one of the members commented about the time her children were living in rented student accommodation whilst at university. Over the five years she had never received a full, or even significant, deposit back from any landlord. No matter how well the house had been looked after.

However, this year her daughter had lived in a house where a video inventory had been carried out. Not surprisingly, within two weeks of the tenancy agreement finishing the deposit had been returned in full!

We believe that there is a market out there for housemates to get their own video inventory done before they move in especially if the landlord hasn’t. What do you think?

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