Tenants from hell

tenants-from-hellWe carried out a survey this summer of forty inventory clerks to find out just how bad it can get when you let strangers live in one of your properties. Have you ever come across tenants from hell?

It doesn’t make for happy reading if you’re a landlord…but if you fancy a bit of light relief then please continue to read below!

Our top picks, in no order of preference, are!

  • Structural damage caused to a ceiling after a female tenant installed a pole dancing studio in the front room.
  • A tenant who built a two story extension without anyone’s knowledge or permission.
  • A doctor who grew cannabis plants in the cupboard allegedly “for medicinal purposes”.
  • Trainee medical students who claimed doctors were exempt from having to tidy up after themselves.
  • A tenant who objected when the clerk claimed the carpet was dirty. She denied it needed vacuuming stating “Why? I have only been here six months’”.
  • A tenant who stole a 10-year old cherry tree from the back garden, having lived at the property for six months. He claimed he had planted it himself.

It seems that you really do need to make sure that absolutely everything is recorded before new tenants move into your property!

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