Landlord warning: distressing checkout footage

distressing checkoutThe property portrayed in the video below shows some distressing checkout footage. It was newly refurbished in early summer 2010, and we had produced a video inventory and detailed schedule of condition report for the check-in.

After just twelve months it appears that the tenants have basically trashed the place, leaving it in such a state that our inventory clerk did not want to spend a minute more than they had to in there. You will note from his initial comments “it has been deemed a health hazard”.

The property has considerable dilapidations, damage and is filthy throughout. There are rats running around and it is littered with rubbish. The smell of faeces and urine was intolerable and there was visible excrement and urine on the floors and the lower sections of the walls.

Understandably, our client is extremely distressed about the state of the property but at least they have the evidence in the form of high definition video footage at the start and end of the tenancy. This will clearly help them seek damages and compensation from the tenants.

You may not be able to stop these episodes happening and it can also be very upsetting to the landlord when it does, but it makes sense to ensure that the owner is fully protected by having a professional video inventory and checkout done.

Essentially, 12 minutes of footage is all that was required to provide conclusive evidence that the property had clearly been mistreated by the tenants. Providing clear evidence of the state and cleanliness of the property at check-in and checkout is the only way to ensure against this sort of action.

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