Tenant trashed rental property

trashed rental propertyBeing in the inventory business means that we see some pretty shocking sights of the state that tenants leave their landlord’s property in, but one we visited yesterday of a trashed rental property takes some beating!

Our client, who was the managing agent, had inherited the tenant when they took over the property over for an overseas landlord. They wanted us to film the property so that they could show the landlord what can happen when a tenancy is not managed properly.

As well as the vast piles of junk in every room, we were very careful not to touch anything, someone had removed several floorboards so that they could steal the pipework, which led to our client ending up in hospital after falling down one of the holes.

Our inventory clerk asked if there was any power in the dark and gloomy property, the agent looked for the nearest light switch, only to find that they had been removed along with most of the wiring. The agent has now been tasked with organising a complete renovation of the property, and we have been asked to return and re-film it when it’s complete, so that they can show the landlord how things should be done. Hopefully it will look a lot better by then, in the meantime, be careful out there…

You may not be able to stop things like this happening and it can be very upsetting to the landlord when it does, but it makes sense to make sure the owner is protected by having a proper inventory and check out done.

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